The marksmen guild of Saint Anthony the Abbot

Logo van Lierop drie molenijzers op groen bed           

This is the site of the guild of Saint Anthony the Abbot. The guild was founded befor 1564 AD. It's a family guild: the membership is hereditary from parent to child. It's not easy to caracteries the guild. Nevertheless I will give it a try.

The main activities of the guild are the yearly 'teerdag' and the two-yearly 'koningschieten'. The 'teerdag' consists of a holy metremony, the memberconference and a banquet followed by a party. 'Koningschieten' is an event at which the one who shoots down a wooden bird gets the honor to be called 'king'.

The guild is a religieus society. This finds expression in the furm bond with the church, the patron saint and the worship of the ancestors.
There is a strong connection between the guild and the community. The guild takes part in local festivity's.
Fraternity and entertainment are other characteristics of the guild. In a trail of strength the members do one's best to beat the others in gun shooting, cross-bow shooting, drumming and waving the colours.
The social side of the guild is shown in practising charity and taking part at wedding-ceremony's and funerals of the members.

Do you want more information about the marksmen guild of Saint Antony the Abbot, please contact us.


             Gilde Sint Antonius abt Lierop in 1966


 Hannie van de Ven van Meijl
 Dintel 18
 5711 KE Someren